How It Works

The miracle that is our skin

The skin is the human body’s largest organ and is a very good indicator of our general health.
Think about just how versatile our skin is, based on the range of functions it performs, including as:

a waterproof wrapping for our entire body; the first line of defence against bacteria and other organisms

a key in the production of Vitamin D, which helps prevent many diseases including osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, obesity, and neurological diseases

a sense organ that gives us information about pain, pleasure, temperature, and pressure

a cooling system via sweat

Our skin's three layers

The epidermis is the skin you can see. It varies in thickness but averages less than half a millimetre. It resembles a ‘brick wall’ of cells bound tightly together to keep good things in and bad things out of our bodies.

The dermis is under the epidermis and is made up of elastic fibres (elastin) for suppleness and protein fibres (collagen) for strength. It contains sweat glands, sebaceous glands, hair follicles, blood vessels, and nerves.

The subcutis is a layer of fat that sits immediately under the dermis. It provides thermal insulation and mechanical protection. Adipose fat stored in the subcutis is a source of energy.

Keeping your skin healthy is keeping healthy

As skin has so many important roles, it should be treated with care and respect. However, perhaps because it is so amazing, many people only start focusing on their skin once there is an issue or abnormality.

Depending on how much your skin is exposed to excessive physical and environmental wear and tear, you may need to give it some particular attention to improve or maintain its health – and your overall health.

However, it’s also considered to be a good idea to proactively take care of your skin to support and optimise its (and your) wellbeing.

How Élive helps your skin

Unlike a moisturiser, which can only reach the top layer of your skin, Élive is made with a ‘cocktail’ of essential oils which penetrate all three layers.

Essential oil molecules are so minute that they’re able to pass through the stratum corneum (the outer layer of the epidermis), then through the dermis into the capillaries and into the bloodstream.

Absorption also occurs through the hair follicles and sweat ducts. The larger the area of skin that is covered, the more essential oils will be absorbed.

The secret is in the thermal polymer

The ingredients and their properties are remarkable, but it’s a scientific wonder that enables Élive to work its magic.

It’s a thermal polymer gel that’s been engineered to only release the essential oils on contact with skin. The heat from our skin, along with the friction of contact, activates the cells to release the oils.

Just as importantly, Élive products target the areas of skin that are most permeable: the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. These, along with your armpits and scalp, more readily absorb oil molecules than your arms, legs, belly, or back.

Did you know

“Traditional moisturisers are large molecules that sit on top of the skin and stop moisture from escaping; that is why they are called and “moisturisers”! It is the silky smooth glycerine in most moisturisers that you feel on your skin as the molecule roll over each other.”


“Essential oils are “minute” and penetrate all layers of the skin to repair from the inside out and exit our via the circulatory system when they have done their work”

How our bodies use the essential oils

After essential oils are applied to the skin, the molecules pass through the epidermis and are carried away by the capillary blood circulating in the dermis. They’re then taken into the lymphatic and extracellular fluids.

From there the therapeutic components of the essential oils are broken down and used by various regions of the body. The most vital properties of essential oils are then used by the body to bring it into balance.

After the essential oils perform their healing functions, they’re metabolised and eliminated, leaving the body in a healthier state without side effects.

FIVE Élive facts

Élive uses a special ‘cocktail’ of 7 essential oils which combine to exfoliate, detoxify, cleanse, tone, nourish, smooth, soften, hydrate, protect, and restore your skin

Élive’s unique moisturising socks and gloves can be used up to 30 times, for around 20-30 minutes per use.

Élive socks and gloves can be turned inside out and rinsed in cold water without compromising their moisturising properties

Before Élive, the only way to get an effective essential oil treatment was via a massage at a day spa or using messy oils from a bottle

Élive is a no mess, no fuss way to give your skin the essential oils it deserves