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About Élive Skincare

Élive is dedicated to creating skin and self-care products that combine the power of science with the nurturing properties of natural ingredients, making it easy to incorporate therapeutic pampering into a busy lifestyle.

Founded on a passion for the therapeutic benefits of ‘super natural’ and essential oils, Élive’s products are enriched with a range of natural botanical ingredients, each playing a unique part in the range’s highly efficacious formulations and delivery technologies.

Super natural and essential oils are made up of microscopic molecules, so small they can effectively penetrate both the epidermis and dermis to work their wonders from the inside.

That’s why they’re superior to traditional moisturisers which have large molecules and sit on top of the skin blocking pores.

Élive Global was established 2011, in Victoria, Australia with an ambition to provide leading technology in therapeutic pampering.

No, none of our products are tested on animals, nor will they be in future.

Yes. Élive products are gluten free.

As a precaution, we do not recommend using our Élive Therapeutic Gel Range of products without the consent of your doctor, or healthcare professional.

We do not recommend wearing the Élive Gel Socks, Gloves, Neck Wrap or Cracked Heel Socks for long periods of time, the technology in the Gel promotes warmth to release the active ingredients and this may become uncomfortable, and is unnecessary. 20-30 minutes wear per day is sufficient to see results.

No. When the gel is warmed it releases the active ingredient, therefore you may lose efficiency in your product. We recommend rinsing your product in cold water and discarding after as many as 30 uses.

We couldn’t guarantee our shelf life or stability of our products if we did not use a natural preservative, (Tocopherol – a naturally occurring compound of Vitamin E) we believe in using preservatives at a level that makes the product safe to use and ensures that when you take it home it doesn’t go off. We typically use the lowest possible percentage of the natural and most mild preservatives to protect you and the longevity of our products.

The Élive Gel Therapy range will only release the active ingredients when in contact with the warmth and friction of the skin, therefore your product will not lose efficiency. We recommend replacing your Gel product after 6-12 months of non-use.

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